Windrush Technology. Semiconductor equipment. Vacuum tools and tweezers. Wands for wafer, die, lense, electronic component semiconductor and parts handling, vacuum pickups/pens. Windrush Technology. Semiconductor equipment, wafer handling tools, vacuum wands.

Windrush Technology Ltd

Specialist in product handling solutions to a range of industries.


We are the official European distributor for Fluoro Mechanic of Japan. Vacuum tools are ideal for handling semiconductor wafers, electronic components, watch and camera parts, lenses, fibre-optics, jewellery and small parts of any kind. They can be used for any handling application where precision, safety and cleanliness are essential.

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Semiconductor wafer handling

Vacuum wands for handling semiconductor wafers up to 300 mm diameter.

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Semiconductor die handling

Vacuum wands for precise and safe handling of silicon dies.

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Component handling

Vacuum wands for production and assembly of electronics.

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Wafer handling and other tweezers

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